Across generations

Donatella is 26 and has a new job as a junior accountant. She lives with her parents because the job doesn’t pay enough to rent a flat, but she doesn’t mind because it allows her to live very close to her grandfather whom she adores. He is a very active man in his eighties who works every morning in a charity for the homeless. A widow he lives alone and has had a very intense life.

She admits being very jealous of him and hates it when some mature ladies of his charitable association invite him out for dinner. With the mobile phone she checks on him to know where he is.  He in turn is very grateful to have such an affectionate grandchild.

Donatella has set up his PC for him to do email and IM and is planning to put him on Facebook. She calls him every day even more than once and emails him from the office and sometimes even manages a little chat on MSN.  She started writing to him even before email and used to leave him some sweet little notes that he has kept and hung on his wall.

He spends quite a lot of time in the afternoon on his PC and is annoyed by the fact that so few friends of his have email but he does use it to keep in contact with some acquaintances abroad. Initially email was going to be essentially for his charity work but it turned out to be a very important channel between him and his granddaughter.

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