Dealing with a difficult friend

Myra is 42 and lives in England. Married with 2 children and job as an assistant. She was convinced by a friend to start using Facebook a few months ago. Initially she had a lot of fun looking up old friends having an occasional chat and looking at pictures of friends that had moved toother countries.

After her initial reluctance she was so impressed by the possibility of keeping in touch with a few friends that had moved away that she decided to put a few pictures herself. Her name is quite common so she hadn’t received many requests for friendship until then because it was difficult to find her. Soon after she put her picture in the profile, she received a friending request by a girl (now woman) she knew in school. After the initial short exchanges to catch up she realised that this woman Fiona was not very well. Fiona would write on her wall every day and also send her messages. Her messages were reminiscences of their time in school and described a strong relationship that Myra knew had never existed between them.  She constantly asked her to come and visit her as they lived in neighbouring cities. Somehow she also got hold of Myra’s phone number and started calling her for a chat. From a mutual friend Myra heard that Fiona had had a few tragedies in her life and that she was now living alone and that was considered to be quite seriously depressed.

Myra felt sorry for Fiona and answered as much as she could but soon couldn’t keep up. So one day she told Fiona that she would not come and visit her and that she coudn’t reply t her every day beacuse she had a busy life with a job and 2 kids.  From that moment Fiona’s messages became more aggressive and she started writing unpleasant comments on her wall. One day she added a test on her page asking people to vote yes or no to the question if Myra had bad breath.

At that point Myra got upset and shut down her Facebook page and account.

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