Managing a huge network

Marco is 24 and is an event organiser, he is also a student but his main activity consist in organising special events in discos or pubs. This means finding the bands and making sure a lot of people will show up. In busy periods he is organising up to 3 events a week.

Facebook, IM, mobile are the tools of his trade: he has hundreds and hundreds of contacts that he notifies when he is organising something that he thinks should interest them. His contact files are organised in a cross section of categories according to place, type of music, which telco provider a person is (to reduce costs of sms) if they are close friends or acquaintainces.

One day he decided to buy a second phone and subscription for his real friends so that he could have a line dedicated to his closest mates. Things however got quickly out of hand as friends passed on this new number to other friends and these friends to yet other contacts. So in a couple of months both phones became the same mess.

On IM and Facebook he didn’t even try to limit the spread. Anyway at this point he admits that the boundaries between his friends and his job are getting rather blurred, but he does say that he a has a couple of really old friends he talks to every day.

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