SMS Usage – UK

Research from YouGov (via The Register) provides us with an interesting update on SMS usage in the UK. The research was carried out for Tegic Communications, a predictive text software provider, on 2.680 mobile phone users.

SMS relationships
Among 18-29 year olds, they are 56% to have flirted using text messages; 19% to have said I love you for the first time; and 10% It’s over.

SMS wishes
Many respondents use SMS to send wishes: they are 70% to wish Happy Birthday, and 56% to wish a Merry Christmas with a text message

SMS gender differences
Women use SMS more than men: they send an average of 19 SMS per week compared to 15; and for different purposes: they are 46% to gossip compared to 34% of men.

SMS at work
Among the respondents, 17% sent an SMS to inform that they were late; and 7% that they were sick.

SMS style
Only 13% of all respondents use text shorthand. There are more “shorthanders” (23%) among 18 to 29 year olds. The majority considers messages in shorthand hard to understand (54%).

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