The schoolteacher

“Marisa is a school teacher in Italy, her students are 12 years old and all have mobile phones.”


Marisa is a school teacher in Italy, her students are 12 years old and all have mobile phones. Recently all the teachers of the school had a meeting to discuss what to do with the continuous distraction that the phones were creating in the classroom. Although the school had a rule that all phones should be switched off during lessons, the children were constantly texting under their desks. Whenever she was writing on the board, Marisa could hear them typing away on the little keyboards. The teachers decided to ask all pupils to put their phones in two baskets (a pink one and a blue one) on the theacher’s desk as they came into the classroom in the morning.

Marisa herself keeps her phone in her pocket but admits checking it from time to time to see if she has received an SMS. She has recently started a new relationship after a difficult divorce and admits waiting for text messages like a teenager…

She says that some of the other teachers keep their phones on the desk and sometimes take or make calls from the classroom. When I asked her if that was contradictory with what they were imposing on the pupils she laughed and said “but we are adults and they are children..”

During the breaks all the teachers go into the staff room where there is only one PC so it isn’t easy to grab it to check one’s email : “it’s mostly the male teachers that hog it“. Everyone else pulls out their mobile phone and texts or makes some calls.

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