VoIP Adoption – 1.1

Another perspective on the uptake of VoIP is provided by ISP-Planet’s US VoIP ranking by subscriber: Q3 2004; even though I find the concept of a subscriber to a free service problematic: I tend to associate subscription with a fee and registration with free.

The article collates the October-November 2004 number of subscribers (with date and source) for eight VoIP service providers that make this information public: Skype (12.9 M), VoiceGlo (1.8 M), CallWave (823 k), Vonage (300 k), CableVision (189k), Charter (40k), 8×8 (28k), Net2Phone (7k). The total number of reported VoIP subscribers is about 16 M. Overall this number is conservative as there are still many providers which do not make their data public and many non-US providers that are not included in the statistics.

The article also refers back to a Broadband Reports VoIP market analysis that indicates an average monthly fee of 20$ or less; and offers an overview of newcomers’ strategies to enter the VoIP market.

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