Intimacy at Work   LeftCoast Press 2015


The Onlife Manifesto Springer 2015


L’Intimité au Travail   FYP Editions 2011

Internet Lavoro Vita Privata  Il Mulino Edizioni 2012


Chapter on Personal Communication in Digital Anthropology

Heather Horst and Danny Miller Editors London Berg Publishers  2012

Digital Anthropology

Understanding convergence with Valerie Bauwens, Interactions, 15.1 ,2008, 29-37.

The new architectures of information with Francesco Cara, in Origgi.G. & Arikha.N. eds. Text-e. MacMillan (2006)                                                                   

Evolution des usages de l’Internet In Guichard, E. ed.,Comprendre les usages del’Internet, Presses de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris, (2001)156-165.

A narrative approach to user requirements for web design with Francesco Cara, Interactions, VII.6 ,2000, 29-37.

Modèles naïfs d’Internet with Laure Carles, Representations, MSHS Université de Poitiers (2000) 301-309


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